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The Aram Chaos Facility Complex



We encourage you to verify the source images for yourself, rather than just simply accept the facts that are presented here. Exact details of the used image templates can be found here.

Some reports on this website are based on previous ones. So it is extremely important to read the reports in chronological order. Details can turn up that were probably already been analyzed in detail. If you are new here and you directly start reading the recent reports without prior knowledge, then it could happen, that the required context is not recognizable. You do yourself and us a favor when you first start with the oldest reports.

This is the second analysis report on Aram Chaos. We recommend that you first review the previous reports, if you have not read them yet.

These include the following documents:

1. Structures in Aram Chaos

Target Area

Image Source: Mars Global Surveyor
Labeling: MOC image R22-00155
Coordinates: 3.11 Nord / 340.53 Ost
Target Area: eastern terrain of Aram Chaos

Enlargement of the relevant target area from the original photo strips

The original image can be quickly found using a search engine, specifying the image name above. It is also possible to enter the web address in your browser that is included in the above image or click here External Link, to directly visit the website.

General View

The artificial structures we described in our report "Structures in Aram Chaos" and the discoveries described in Huge Nozzle Shooting Liquid Spray External Link from the Mars Anomaly Research-Webseite serve here as foundation for the general view.

The structure labeled as A and B are located about 8 km apart. Structure A had already disclosed in our previous analysis report an entrance tunnel which allowed the access via a ramp. Other structures could therefore also have a correspondingly large access. Only the conclusion that other similar entrances might exist, opens up the option for the search of such entrances. If you do not know what you are really looking for, then the breakdown of conspicuous or inconspicuous structures is much more difficult. Structures that hadn't been previously considered or that couldn't be assigned suddenly make sense, if you possess the appropriate background knowledge.

The Starting Point - Structure A

Only the one who knows his goal will find the path. The following analysis is based on the assumption that structure A and B are related to each other. The distance between these two structures is short enough to allow a quickly travel between these points using a vehicle. The presence of the ramp makes it obvious that some kind of transportation medium must be present here. The size and dimensions of the entrance tunnel and the ramp makes it clear that its purpose must be connected with the circumstance to deliver large objects in and out.

What is striking here is the presence of large bumps that lead around the whole mountain. Possibly, these bumps also an obstacle for a vehicle. But regardless how high these bumps may be, it would have a visible impact, if you drive several times over these ground structure with a larger vehicle. Therefore we should find primarily in the area around the ramp signs of an interruption. In the series of Mars Global Surveyor images the overall view of the mountain is only on one single image recording present with the labeling MOC R22-00155. From this recording comes the following exerpt.

Click on image to enlarge

The subsequent route would start from structure A towards structure B. If you drive the ramp down, you have to take a sharp turn to drive in the direction of structure B. In the magnification it is noticeable, that the pattern of the ground waves is broken in front of the ramp. There are traces of lines, which could be interpreted as traffic lanes. Without the previously made conclusions, however, these traces would be much too weak, to alert someone.

Click on image to enlarge

The fact that there is a ramp and there are suitable evidences of traffic lanes, points to a very familiar technique of locomotion. These observations inevitably raise the following questions:
  • Are the lanes an indication for advanced extraterrestrial technology?
  • Should the old lanes have faded after such a long time?
No conclusion can be made about the period of time, but based on the assumption that this is a legacy of past extraterrestrial technology, then obviously some technical issues still can be compared with our present technology. That alone would be an astonishing finding. Vehicles on 'wheels' are even for an interstellar traveling civilization the fist choice of locomotion on remote planets.

Is that so? Or is there perhaps another truth behind it?

The Target Point - Structure B

Click on image to enlarge

This structure was already noticed in 2001 due to the "water jet", which can be seen in the upper part of the picture. A distance of about 300 meters, this is quite an impressive jet. It should not be ignored, that Mars has a thin atmosphere and also has a lesser gravity than Earth. Nevertheless, the "water jet" is an unmistakable proof that the facility is currently in use. From this we can deduce that the traffic lanes emerged recently. Apparently there is a lot going on in Aram Chaos.

Also, the tube system for this "water jet" is visible which leads into a dome-like structure in the right part of the image, Along this structure, roughly in the lower middle, is a semicircular structure that needs a closer look.

Detail Explained - The Actual Name of Structure B!

These semi-circular structure is located at ground level and is directly located on the elevation, where we have the tube systems. Only a few miles away from here is structure A, where our travel has started. The interpretation that this is another entrance tunnel, like we initially suspected, is now very obvious.

(Right: Example image - Entrance tunnel to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in the State of Colorado)

But the entrance tunnel of structure B provides yet another very amazing detail. Above the entrance markings can be seen in relatively regular intervals. Could this be an inscription? That certainly wouldn't be uncommon. Finally we do nothing else (see example image above).

The magnified image area even has a sufficiently high resolution to make the shaping of each mark visible. Could this may be an opportunity to secure alien characters? There should be no stone unturned. Up to this point we have already learned so much.

A simple image editing program like Microsoft Paint is all you need for the readjustment of the following image processing. Among other functions it is important that the image application is capable of changing contrast and brightness values and supports various zoom factors to selectively highlight individual pixels. This can be accomplished by applications like Photoshop or Gimp.

To highlight outlines of a structure, it is in most cases very helpful to increase contrast and brightness levels. Cutout A is the result of an increase in contrast by 50% and an increase in brightness by 10%. Based on that image B shows the result of a color correction. The values used for this purpose are shown here to allow an adjustment of the results with your own image editing program.

The shape of the markings can be visualized much better with the help of a simple method. It is sufficient here to color the individual markings that stand out by brighter pixels from the darker rock background in red. Our recommendation is to adjust this process by yourselve. It is important to mention that all image edits are primarily made to improve the image quality. This includes magnification, contrast and brightness changes. When manual changes have been made, then they must be color-coded and it is neccessary to document such changes. Changes made that can not be interpreted, will reduce the informational value of such images.

The bright white dot between the first two characters appears clearly brighter. Even here the visible margin of the driveway appears very bright and brings up the conclusion that at this point is a spotlight installed that shines down to the floor. The shape appears now strangely familiar, but they didn't make sense.

Below a horizontal flipped view of the image.

This was not anticipated. Even without graphical enhancement, only through horizontal mirroring and magnification a legible lettering occurs. The presence of Latin capital letters on an alien plant like Mars appears absolutely grotesque. The lettering on the driveway, however, reveals the word ALTAS. What logical explanation can there be for this?

The Latin alphabet has its origin in the Greek alphabet, that was conveyed approximately in the 7th century BC by the Etruscans to other cultural groups and thereby of the Latins, the later Romans, which took over and modified it. In the Greek alphabet the letter "L" and "S" uses different characters, so a place in time can not reach out much more than around the 7th century BF. But probably it is not neccessary to look back so far. The writing is probably from a much more recent origin and was subsequently added above the driveway.

On the Internet one can find curious stories regarding crashed UFOs or alien visitors that have influenced the early days of human civilization. Perhaps some of these stories are base on true events and the rumor that humans have already set foot on Mars turns out to be true. From the technical point of view the United States may be the primary part to accomplish this step, and the ATLAS lettering would be the first visible indication of the story. However, it takes more to substantiate this suspicion.

This current track is problematic, since an additional issue is raised that sounds too fantastic. Such as the existence of extraterrestrial plants on Mars. But it would be wrong to omit these details, just because they are uncomfortable.

In subsequent reports, which we are going to publish, the previously named Structure B facility in Aram Chaos henceforth referred to as the ATLAS-station. It would be insightful to understand why this facility bears the name of ATLAS. Despite to the massive number of structural anomalies it is important to prove the artificiality of these structures by further evidences. A further confirmation that the lettering actually shows the name of ATLAS would be an extremely important step.

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