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Presentation at the one-day meeting of the A.A.S. in Bremen  

The megalithic cult site "Gunung Padang" in Indonesia

Contribution in the German magazine "Sagenhafte Zeiten"  image

Article about possible artificial structures in the northern part of the Terby crater

Interview with REN-TV for the TV series "Секретные Территории" (Secret Territory)  image

Interview on "Artificial structures on Mars"

Presentation at the one-day meeting of the A.A.S. in Ulm  image

Donny Gschwind from the MAP analysis team reports on structural anomalies on Mars

YouTube-Clip - Fossil spine on the Martian dunes  image reports on traces of possibly fossilized bone fragments on the surface of Mars

Podcast with Otacun  image

Podcast Interview with Overview of the work at MAP-base and the discoveries on the Martian surface

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