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Presentation at the one-day meeting of the A.A.S. in Bremen

The German magazine "Sagenhafte Zeiten" (Legendary Times) has published in its issue 5/2014 our report on possible artificial structures on Mars in the northern part of the Terby crater. The article also deals with the problem of misinterpretation of structures, for example, caused by the pareidolia effect. However, technical factors also play an important role. So-called compression artifacts on many images, often give the impression of artificiality.

Despite the numerous factors that can affect the interpretation of recordings form mars and which often lead to incorrect interpretations there are examples for structural anomalies that, in our opinion, can not be of natural origin. In some few examples, it is even possible to create connections to cultural aspects which are significant here on earth.

Remarkably is the presence of a structure that can be interpreted as a geoglyph showing a humanoid figure on the back of a hybrid creature ( similar to a dragon in ancient representation). The irony is that our own culture might already contain elements of a foreign (alien) culture which we consider to be our own.

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