General Information

Geological and mineralogical evidences suggest that probably once large amounts of water led through the canyon which opens from the south Ma'adim Vallis in the crater Gusev. Presumably, the crater was actually once been entirely covered with water. On 4 January 2004 the Mars probe Spirit landed in the Gusev crater. The crater is named after the Russian astronomer Matvei Gusev Matveyevich.

Crater overview

The center of the crater is 14.6° South and 175.4° East. The diameter is 116 km.

Structure anomalies

In his journey through the Gusev crater the Mars rover Spirit was able to detect some unusual structures. Special mention must be made for a rock hill, that can be described as the stone cairn. A neolithic stone cairn, such as those we can find in northern Europe.

Cairn grave. Mars rover Spirit record (from Sol 728)

Available Reports

Stone on stone
A Mars stone hill analogous to terrestrial cairns