General Information

Mit Cydonia Mensae wird ein Hochland bezeichnet, dass zwischen den Regionen Acidalia Planitia und Arabia Terra liegt. Die Namensgebung Cydonia geht auf einen antiken Stadtstaat zurück, der sich auf der griechischen Insel Kreta befunden hatte.

Areal Overview: Cydonia Region

Cydonia is located in a so-called transition zone between the southern of Martian highlands covered with lots of craters and the relatively smooth plains northern Mars lowlands. According to planetary scientists to assumptions the northern plains were once an ocean area and Cydonia represented probably a coastal area.

Structure anomalies

It is mainly due to the "Face on Mars' that the Cydonia region has been included in a variety of popular scientific treatises. No less surprising is that the Mars face has found use in moivies, tv and science fiction novels.

Übersicht: Das sog. "Marsgesicht" in Cydonia

But the Face on Mars is not the only structural abnormality in this region. In the immediate vicinity of the Mars face there are still other interesting geometric structures.

Available Reports

Wonderland Cydonia - Random geometry?