General information

Aram Chaos is one of the many so-called chaotic regions east of Valles Marineris which are characterized by highly eroded mesas and hills.

Crater Overview

The area is originally is a huge crater, measuring about 280 kilometers in diameter. The center is located 2.6 degrees north and 21.5 degrees West.

Structural anomalies

Aram Chaos seems to consist of a number of facilities that were built into the rock, located across the whole crater. Special mention must be made for structures in the western part of the crater. In addition to very technical-looking constructions, it also provide a great monumental structure, which is apparently rather of cultic-religious character. Also worth noting is a small Mountain, having two kilometers in diameter, showing signs of great inner chambers.

Structural anomaly at the mountain top

At the foot of this Mountain there is a large ramp construction, that leads into the interior. The artificial structures in Aram Chaos are one of the few exceptional discoveries that also show signs of current use.

Available reports

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The Aram Chaos facility complex
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Feature sizes