General information

Arabia Terra is a vast highland region in the northern hemisphere of Mars. The region has an area of about 6,000 km and is dotted with numerous craters, which also show strong traces of erosion. It is assumed that Arabia Terra is one of the oldest terrains on Mars.

Crater Overview

The Mars Express spacecraft was able to find evidence for increased concentrations of water vapor over the region. The results indicate that under the surface are large amounts of water stored in form of ice.

Structural anomalies

The structure anomaly that has been discovered here is strictly speaking a bit out of northeast Arabia Terra. It is according to our analysis a large ruin, which is absolutely symmetrical and has a shape that follows geometrically derivable rules.

Structural anomaly at the mountain top

This ruin is one of the most significant discoveries of the analysis project.

Available reports

Structural Anomaly Northeast form Arabia Terra