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The project was originally scheduled to shed more light to the phenomenon of image distortion on Mars images. On relevant known websites and discussion forums, people often claimed that some of the distortion on the images are used selectively, to hide conspicuous structures. A statistical analysis should show how often these disorders occur and what types of disturbances there are. As image disturbance following manifestations have been registered: black bars, distorted image sections, rough image rasters, shifted parts of the image, as well as severe overexposure.

Already after the review of several hundred photographs, structures have been discovered, whose Shape was assessed as striking. The idea of artificial structures, was relatively common. However, the recordings were not to been suitable to serve as photographic evidence of exposure to extraterrestrial intelligent beings.

The alignment of the project was changed after the discovery of particularly impressive, highly visible structures. In the face of these images a continuation of the static analysis appeared obsolete.

A selection of the most impressive examples regarding artificial structures are published here.

Thank you for your interest.

The Mars Analysis Project - Team