Misinterpretations due to interference effects

Often, important aspects in the analysis of structural anomalies remain unresolved. Can certain anomalies be the result of technical interference effects, caused by the CCD sensor technology that the Mars rovers and probes are using and caused by the electronic image processing? Can the use of lossy image compression create structures which tempt to misinterpretations and arouse the impression of artificial structures or buildings? Which interference effects can be listed here, how do they look like and how can they be distinguished from real structures?

The list of possible interference effects has shown us how complex this topic is and how different the underlying causes can be. In what manner such interference can occur and in what way they are different from other types of interferences will be treated in a separate analysis report. This topic has hardly been explored and only very superficially taken up by other anomalies researchers. We hope to fill an important gap here.

The clarification of these details should help to debunk supposedly artificial structures as the result of such confounding factors. What still remains is suited for further investigation. In the last step it must be determined whether natural geological processes, may be an explanation for unusual appearing structures.

To be continued ...