Prospects for the future

Our to-do list for the coming year is a mile long but it promises a lot of new discoveries and a whole series of new analysis reports. Among the projects of MAP-Base for the first time the production of video reports is now also included. These video reports will be made available on YouTube and other video portals.

As part of the researches in digtial image forensics we're working on the development of our own software application called "JPEGmark", that is capable to expose certain attempts of manipulation on JPEG images. In this context, analysis reports will be published which contain image examples of forgeries of UFO sightings.

Great expectations we put into our work on Photogrammetry. Image recordings taken by the Mars rovers are to be to converted into freely walkable 3D models. This should finally also offer a way to derive reliably the sizes of many interesting surface structures. A crucial point which has already led to numerous debates on forums and blogs in the Internet. This technical possibility for spatial views would represent a quantum leap in anomalies research.

With these promising prospects, we wish you all a happy and exciting new year.