Continuous enhancements to the Mars map

It will still take a while until a description of the mars regions is fully available for our interactive map. We are currently working sporadically on the extension of the Martian map functions. This also affects the English language version of the map.

We expect that a complete description of the regions could be available by the end of the year for the German language version. After this, we will immediately proceed with the completion of the English language version. The information on various geological features of the Martian surface are mostly compact extracts from free Wikipedia articles. Nevertheless, it was possible to determine many additional information that has been included into the descriptions.

In addition to the two-dimensional map view, we're testing the possibility of a freely rotatable globe view. However, this form of representation can not fulfill all necessary requirements at present in order to justify the use as usefull option. It is at least a glimpse of what may come in future extensions.